2017, digital art (Giclée)


Maeror is my rendition of the last photograph of Vicky Weaver taken during the 1992 siege in Ruby Ridge, Idaho. This is my attempt to capture the haunting feeling of the original photograph.


2 thoughts on “MAEROR

  1. Ute1967 says:

    Found this on your FB as well. Maeror captures that moment on Ruby Ridge, this living breathing woman then murdered, and painted wraithlike, in her detached agony as a menacing sceptre cursing the world. The forest background is faded, and she floats in ethereal darkness. Her face is ashened, her hand are drawn to fine points, like sharpened nails, ready to be drawn for a kill. Knowing our inspiration for Maeror makes me hurt inside when I look at it and feel.


    1. Artiste says:

      Thank you for your beautiful message. I believe the original photograph is equally haunting and painful and my hope is that this rendition gives more recognition to the emotional impact of this tragic and important moment in history. Art can communicate beyond the cold clinical approach of political rhetoric, and in its elegant simplicity it lays bare that human suffering and tragedy should never be fodder for socio-political gain.


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